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New Moon on Monday 

New Moon on Monday is the true fan's tribute to Duran Duran.  As dedicated students of DD’s iconic sound and style, this band is no cheap imitation.  
Instead, it’s a group built on honouring these pioneers of the New Romantic era and the British Invasion of MTV. 
With passion and precision, New Moon performs an impressive array of the catalogue, from massive hits like “Girls on Film” to beloved lesser-knowns such as “Hold Back the Rain.” 
An often neglected aspect of Duran tributes, however, is the fashion!  New Moon’s meticulous wardrobe and stage effects reflect the major influence of designers such as Vivienne Westwood on Duran's overall aesthetic. You won’t see cheap wigs or cheap digs when New Moon hits the stage.


New Moon on Monday is the premiere Duran tribute:  capturing the fire, the charm, the style and the craft - and bringing it to you.
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